The BIMConcept, Services of Integrated Engineering, is an active firm which covers all fields of the production sector related to engineering and architecture, from the promotion and exploitation of areas to the marketing of the finished product, and it is able to conceive, plan and realize - with the formula "keys in hand" - important real estate interventions in relation to residential, commercial, industrial, hotel and infrastructures through an enterpriser’s vision. The point of strength of the BIM Concept is represented by the fact that it is composed of a "Team of Qualified Professionals" specialized in manifold disciplines, which is a result of experiences realized over a period of many years, during which meaningful works of a very high level have been realized.


Over the past years the BIMConcept, has adopted a method of planning through the use of a "Building Information Modeling" as this allows the integration of all the information useful in every phase of the planning - architectural, structural, implantistic, energetic, managerial and maintenance in only one model.

With the method BIM we can furnish:
  • - The components' characterizations
  • - Checking ed analysis of the interferences
  • - Estimate Of the Quantities' (3D)
  • - Planning of the Activities' of Construction (4D)
  • - Control of the Costs (5D)
  • - Certification LEED (6D)
  • - Maintenance Of the work (7D)



  • - Technical and economic consultation
  • - Studies of environmental impact
  • - Service of verification of planning to the goals of the validation
  • - Direction of the works, measures, accounting and testings.
  • - Coordination safety in phase of planning and execution
  • - Procedures dispossessed for public utility
  • - Special (laser scan and drone) topographical surveys

  • - General coordination of the project and its realization
  • - Planning and control of the time of execution
  • - Formation of the budget and control cost
  • - Forecast and control of the financial flows
  • - Management of the contracts and of purchase
  • - Periodic reports related to the situation of the work