About us


The BIMConcept turns to corporations and service societies - both in the public and private sector - offering the following activities related to consultation, planning and management in the building/construction sector: architecture, urbanism, structural and infrastructural works, urbanization, direction of the jobs, prevention and fireproof, safety in the yards, energetic containment and building bio.
The BIMConcept has all the resources necessary to plan, manage and integrate all aspects of the construction work, and is able to cover all the various phases also thanks to the possibility to use the cooperation and collaboration of partners in parallel structures in the same field of work should the necessity arise in relation to a specific order.
The team of the BIMConcept, counts on the thirty-years old experience in the building sector of the two architects – Co-founder and Partner, in their roles of professionals and enterprisers, who have decided to join the two sectors thereby creating a revolutionary planning, integrating and coordinating method in the construction field.